Yoga is one of the most ancient practices that have managed to exist to the present day, and that has a lot to do with how it can boost physical fitness as well as mental health in ways that are difficult to describe for the most part.If you were to start your day with just fifteen minutes of yoga, suffice it to say that you will have several orders of magnitude more energy than may have otherwise ended up being the case.As if that weren’t already enough, you may also find that your mental state is on an even keel regardless of the trials and tribulations that life ends up sending in your general direction.

However, once you have mastered the basics of yoga, you might be tempted to go a few steps further by taking part in a proper yoga teacher training program. There are countless programs out there that will suit your needs, but we would hazard a guess that you would want to find the very best option available. The reason behind this is that the quality of the program will have an enormous impact on your ability to succeed, and we would say that Marianne Wells Yoga Retreat is by far the best training program for aspiring yoga instructors!

You see, the folks over at Marianne Wells have learned their skills straight from the heartland of yoga, namely India. This great nation is responsible for the creation of yoga, and trainers at this institution have spent years studying under the greatest gurus and masters of all time. Going to anyone else simply won’t make all that much sense from a logical point of view, since it would deprive you from getting mentored by the cream of the crop.